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Digital Transformation in the era of COVID-19

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation your Path to Success

From businesses transitioning to remote work, to general lockdowns and stay at home orders, no one was fully prepared for what the world is facing almost a year now.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed dramatically not only the way we live but the way businesses operate as well. In just a few months’ time, this health crisis has brought about years of changes in all organizations, no matter the size or the industry.

Among the most crucial changes of this new business reality is the huge acceleration of the digital transformation strategies that organizations all around the world have to adopt in order not just to survive but to thrive during these challenging times.

Pinterest, effectively went from 35 remote/home offices to over 4,600 remote offices in less than a month and has no plans to return to the old model post-Covid. That is digital transformation and shows speed and adaptability under harsh conditions, Udo Waibel CTO of San Francisco-based Oomnitza mentioned in an interview.

The San Francisco based cloud communications platform Twilio, at the “COVID-19 Digital Engagement Report” mentioned that 79% of the responders increased the budget for digital transformation due to the COVID-19.

Moreover, the survey found that COVID-19 accelerated digital communications strategy by an average of 6 years while 97% of enterprise decision makers believe the pandemic sped up their company’s digital transformation. For this report, Twilio surveyed over 2,500 enterprise decision makers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, and Singapore.

In addition, the survey “Digital Transformation & COVID -19” conducted by the cloud software company Pega, reveals that 71% of respondents were forced to accelerate their digital transformation plans due to the pandemic while 62% will increase the priority level of such planning within their company. From the respondents, the 56% indicates a desire to invest more in digital technologies.

In the UK, research by eFax found that 60% of IT decision makers have accelerated their speed of digital transformation as a direct result of disruption to their workforce caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Digital Transformation: New Strategies & Practices

Undoubtedly, now more than ever, is the transformative moment for professionals globally to act fast and respond in an agile manner, revamping their efforts, reengineering the way they run their businesses and remain competitive in the COVID-19 era.

To stay competitive in this new business and economic environment requires though, new strategies and practices. From employee management to product and software deployment digital strategies need to be streamlined to catch up with changing times.

This health crisis made clear that there is no single one-sizefitsall approach that will work for every organization seeking to undergo digital transformation. Organizations must tailor their digital priorities according to their industry, their market, their product and their business needs.

Digital transformation is not just about technology. It is about reimagining your organisation, your vision and mission, the culture and the processes. It’s about enabling your people to become more productive by eliminating complex tasks and focusing on customer value creation.

At Repath, we follow a proven six step approach to unlock success in digital transformation no matter the size or the industry of your company. Take a look at our successful case studies and contact us for a free assessment of your company’s procedures.

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