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Empower Your Human Resources with Zoho People

From hiring, onboarding, leave and attendance management to time tracking and appraisals, Zoho People is the ultimate HR solution to simplify your processes.

Crafted to manage your workforce and employees, effectively.

Optimise employee onboarding with Zoho People

Manage your onboarding processes with ease by inviting new hires. Get them started with documents such as company policies, application forms and more, even before they start working for you.

Describe objectives, business procedures, tasks and milestones for your new employees.

Automate repetitive tasks using workflows and trigger tasks as a result of specific actions.

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Zoho Projects Timesheets

Manage projects and timesheets‌ the easy way!

Create new projects and break them into tasks. Assign tasks to employees, track their progress and enhance your team’s productivity.

Build an efficient approval process to help your project managers oversee and sign off on employee’s hours.

Generate billing statements and push the bill as an invoice to Zoho Books or any other tool such as QuickBooks.

‌Efficient Performance management

Setting clear objectives motivates employees and organisations to perform better.

Reviews is another important component of Zoho People. Let employees review their colleagues and direct reports, reviewed by them and elicit important insights.

Zoho People Timesheets and Goals
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Customize and automate your HR tasks

Create and track all the activities that need to be completed, and assign them as tasks to employees. You can also create workflows and automatically trigger tasks as a result of specific actions.

‌Zoho People intuitive interfrace makes automating your workflows a breeze.

You can customize the sender, recipient, and text for your email alerts and be confident that they’ll be noticed.

Manage holidays & Simplify absence management

Even though you may operate globally, organizing time off and holidays shouldn’t be a difficult process.

With Zoho People, you can manage holidays for multiple locations from a centralized application.

Employees can see how much leave remains and apply for time off from the web or their mobile devices.

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Learning Management System

Learning Management System (LMS) for effective employee training

Train your employees on roles, procedures and new skills through the LMS of Zoho People.

Reskill and upskill your employees to keep up with your company’s evolving needs.

A combination of learning styles that combines self-paced, virtual and traditional method of training into an integrated learning experience.

Are you ready to to manage every single aspect of your workforce?

Have a single destination for all your employees, personalised for every individual.

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