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Revolutionise HR Management with Zoho People

Streamline your HR tasks from hiring and employee onboarding to leave management, time tracking, and performance appraisals

Efficiently Manage Your workforce with Zoho People

Seamless Employee Onboarding with Advanced Zoho People Integration

Simplify your employee onboarding by efficiently inviting new hires and providing essential documents like company policies and application forms in advance. Clearly outline objectives, business procedures, and milestones to effectively guide your new employees. Enhance efficiency by automating repetitive HR tasks through intelligent workflow triggers.

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Zoho Projects Timesheets

Simplify Project and Timesheet Management‌ with Zoho People's Intuitive Tools

Launch new projects and segment them into manageable tasks. Allocate these tasks among employees, monitor their progress, and boost overall team productivity.

Develop a streamlined approval process to aid project managers in supervising and approving employee hours.

Efficiently produce billing statements and seamlessly integrate them as invoices into Zoho Books or alternative platforms like QuickBooks.

Boost Performance Management with Zoho People's Effective Goal-Setting and Reviews

Establishing explicit objectives enhances employee motivation and organisational performance.

Utilising reviews within Zoho People is key for continuous improvement.

Enable employees to conduct peer and direct report reviews within Zoho People to gain valuable insights.

Zoho People Timesheets and Goals
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Automate HR Processes‌ with Customized Solutions

Initiate and monitor all necessary activities, delegating them as specific tasks to your workforce. Easily design workflows and set up automatic task triggers for specific actions in Zoho People.

Its user-friendly interface simplifies the automation of your HR workflows.Tailor the sender details, recipients, and message content for your email alerts to ensure maximum visibility and impact.

Streamline Holiday and Absence Management with Zoho People

Managing time off and holidays is effortless with Zoho People, even for global operations. This centralised application allows for the handling of holiday schedules across multiple locations.

Additionally, employees can easily track their remaining leave and request time off using either the web interface or mobile devices.

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Learning Management System

Implement an Effective Learning Management System (LMS)‌ with Zoho People

Utilise Zoho People’s Learning Management System (LMS) to effectively train your employees in their roles, company procedures, and new competencies. Continuously reskill and upskill your workforce to align with the dynamic needs of your business.

Employ a blended learning approach in Zoho People, integrating self-paced, virtual, and traditional training methods for a comprehensive and adaptable learning experience.

Ready to take control of every facet of your workforce management?

Zoho People offers a unified and personalised platform for all your employees, catering to each individual's needs.

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