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Making the Complex Simple: Repath’s Customised CRM Solutions for Every Challenge

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Companies face many challenges that slow them down and reduce their efficiency. According to a 2019 study, almost 50% of companies use spreadsheets exclusively for auditing and risk assessment, and over 35% of finance and accounting departments depend on them for decision-making. In addition, sales and marketing departments, see 31% reliance on spreadsheets, despite widespread […]

From Spreadsheets to Growth: The Digital Transformation Journey


The limitations of spreadsheets in modern business largely stem from their inherent design. With nearly a third 1/3 of businesses not recognising the risks associated with spreadsheet reliance, and 88% using over 100 complex sheets, Repath can offer customised solutions to overcome these challenges and enhance decision-making Navigating Spreadsheet Limitations in Business Growth Scalability Issues […]

How to Keep Customers Coming Back for More with the Right CRM Solution

Digital Transformation Readiness

In today’s competitive business landscape, the key to sustainable growth is not just in acquiring new customers, but more importantly, in retaining existing ones. With the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, businesses can enhance customer experience, ensuring that they not only stay but also turn into loyal advocates. Zoho CRM, a versatile tool in […]

The Digital Future Is Here – What Does It Mean for Your Business?


The digital era has transformed from a future concept into a present reality. Businesses navigating this change face a pivotal question: How can they embrace digital transformation effectively? The answer lies in understanding the journey and the strategies needed to adapt. Manolis Labovas, CEO & Co-Founder of Repath Solutions, emphasises the role of innovation in […]

Understanding the Critical Role of CRM Systems in Modern Business

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems have become indispensable tools in today’s business landscape. In a recent episode of Startup Sales, Adam Springer was joined by Manolis Labovas, founder of Repath Solutions, to explore the myriad ways in which CRM systems are transforming business operations and sales processes. Centralizing Customer Data A primary function of CRM […]

Repath Solutions at Zoholics UK 2023: A Beacon in Digital Transformation

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In the bustling heart of the digital world, Zoholics UK 2023 emerged as a pivotal event, marking a significant milestone in the journey of digital transformation. Among the key participants was Repath Solutions, a company that has steadily carved a niche for itself in the realm of technological innovation and business growth. As gold sponsors […]

Understanding the Cost of Zoho CRM: Pricing Plans and Features

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Are you considering implementing a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system for your business? If so, you’ve likely come across Zoho CRM as a potential solution. Zoho CRM is a popular choice for businesses of all sizes, thanks to its robust features and user-friendly interface.  However, one of the first questions that often comes to mind […]

The Power of Repath CRM Solutions to Fit Any Business Like a Glove


When you are looking at CRM solutions for your business, you want the system that is best for your particular business and the way it operates. And that is why Repath develops tailor-made solutions for each client, customizing your CRM to fit your business like a glove. We understand that each business has its own […]

The Repath Way: What Sets Our Digital Transformation Solutions Apart

Today, it’s more important than ever for businesses of all sizes to adopt a quick and painless digital transition. With a number of applications meant to cover every aspect of running a business, operating systems like Zoho can help to streamline every imaginable process. And with the right partner to help you through this journey, […]

The Truth About CRM: Debunking 7 Common Myths

Today, an effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is crucial to a company’s growth and success. But don’t take our word for it. Take a look at how important CRM is, by the numbers: CRM market revenues will likely hit $82 billion by 2025 91% of companies with 11 or more employees have a CRM […]

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