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Zoho Remotely: Maintain a productive working environment, no matter where your team is based.

Zoho Remotely

How Zoho Remotely can help you maintian a producting working environment, during the era of remote working.

As governments pass stringent social distancing restrictions and current situation forces employees to work from home in order to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, business as usual is no longer usual.

Organizations suddenly have to support an entirely remote workforce. In order to facilitate that, while protecting their employees from the imminent health threat, they have to adapt to the newly created circumstances, while continue offering their services and their support to their clients.

In this new reality the solution for the companies and their financial survival is telecommuting.

What is telecommuting?

Telecommuting or remote working refers to the act of completing work assignments from a location other than an office via an internet and phone connection. 

What are the pros of telecommuting?

Besides public health protection from COVID-19, telecommuting brings many benefits to employers and employees.

On one hand, the organization seamlessly continues its operations and offers continuous support to its clients, decreasing operational costs, while increasing employee productivity.

On the other hand, employees enjoy many benefits such as:  protection of their health and safety, preservation of their salary, elimination of commuting time, maintaining a healthy life-work balance, increase of job satisfaction.

What are the prerequisites of telecommuting?

Organizations must ensure remote employees have the tools and applications they need, in order to successfully fulfill remote work.

As far as the employees are concerned, they will need access to these tools, a computer or laptop and an internet connection. 

How can my company foster telecommuting?

Zoho Remotely

Repath, Authorized Partner of Zoho, a worldwide leader in software solutions, taking into account the latest COVID-19 spread updates and the shift in the business mindset that it entails, is offering free training of Zoho Remotely.

Zoho Remotely is a cloud suite of Zoho productivity apps that help professionals and employees to collaborate, follow projects and tasks, provide customer service to their clients and vendors via any device (mobile, desktop, tablet) from anywhere in the world.

In detail, Zoho Remotely suite consists of the following apps: 

  1. Zoho Meeting – Video conferencing tool
  2. Zoho Cliq – Instant messaging/chat platform
  3. Zoho Projects – Project management tool 
  4. Zoho ShowTime – Online education and trainings platform
  5. Zoho Sprints – Agile projects management tool
  6. Zoho Lens και Assist – Remote software tool for customer support
  7. Zoho WorkDrive – Tool for secure file transfer, saving and sharing 
  8. Zoho Writer – Real time collaborative text tool (word)
  9. Zoho Sheet – Real time collaborative cell tool (excel)
  10. Zoho Show – Real time collaborative presentation tool (powerpoint)

By using Zoho Remotely apps, teams can continue collaborating the same way they did in their physical office space.

Request from Repath a free training on Zoho Remotely platform here and keep your organization and workforce productive and above all, healthy!

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