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Why You Should Trust a Zoho Advanced Partner

Zoho Advanced Partner

After a year of successful projects we are now excited to announce our recognition as Zoho Advanced Partner.

Is a pandemic the right time to start a business? We have been turning over this question in our minds since the outbreak of the pandemic. Eventually, for us, the timing couldn’t have been better.


During our first year, we implemented a variety of challenging projects and we helped small, medium and large organizations worldwide to orchestrate their digital transformation journey. We accelerated the growth of our company through tailor made and innovative solutions for our clients in Greece, Cyprus, Latvia, Sweden, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

To provide efficient and successful solutions we became Zoho Authorised Partner. Our expert team took advantage of Zoho’s unique and powerful suite of software. In a short period of time we achieved our goals and exceeded expectations although our first year in the market coincided with the outbreak of the pandemic.

The result of our efforts

From a Zoho Authorised Partner to a Zoho Advanced Partner

We are the only Zoho Partner in South Eastern Europe to achieve this recognition from the very first year of its operation. “We are pleased to promote Repath to an ‘Advanced Partner’, recognizing the contribution they make to our business in Greece. Like businesses around the world, digital transformation and cloud adoption are rapidly accelerating in Greece. Experienced technology and service partners form a vital part of our go-to-market strategy to ensure that customers can adopt Zoho solutions successfully and derive tremendous value out of them” Sridhar Iyengar, Managing Director, UK & Europe, Zoho Corporation mentioned.

How can a Zoho Advanced Partner help your business?

As a Zoho Advanced Partner we are certified to deliver results that make the difference. Our team is expert in the features and the endless possibilities of Zoho products and therefore we can suggest and create customized innovative solutions based on your company’s needs. Through the variety of projects we have already run successfully, we have cultivated an agile way of thinking and working, in order to overcome demanding challenges we meet on our way.

Moreover, a Zoho Advanced Partner works closely with the Zoho Development and Support teams in order to deal with unexpected problems during the implementation of any project. At the same time, we are part of a team that gains early access to new products and feature releases. We meet with global partners, industry leaders and Zoho experts to share our experience and to discover new, successful ways to help your business during its transformation journey.

As a Zoho Advanced Partner you should expect nothing less than personalized service in every step of the project.

To sum up a Zoho Advanced Partner:

  •         Is expert in Zoho Products
  •         Has an agile way of thinking and working
  •         Works closely with the Zoho Development and Support teams
  •         Has early access to new products and features releases
  •         Offers personalized service

Either your business is in need of a CRM system, a custom app that will automate your procedures or you wish to help your departments be more productive, Repath will help you achieve your goals and transform digitally. In case you are not sure about the needs of your business, our team can offer you profitable consultancy and pave your way to digital transformation.

Take a look at our successful case studies and contact us for a free assessment of your company’s procedures.

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