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7 questions to ask before choosing a CRM system for your business

The effects of the pandemic continue to heavily affect the way companies produce and operate. From interactions with clients and data centralization to process automation and proper reporting, it has become more vital than ever to move from the era of handy spreadsheets and simple contact management systems to online operating systems.

Some questions to identify the gaps, achieve better adoption rates and increase productivity:

  • Does your CRM system assist your sales team with scripts and instructions to update deals in a proper way?
  • Have you developed workflows to coordinate activities across departments and automate the communication with your leads?
  • Do salespersons have all the product information in place to close deals faster and easier?
  • Is social selling and marketing embedded in your CRM system?
  • Does your CRM offer the option to personalize your communication with your prospects?
  • Does your CRM system support third-party integrations that can help users update and record values from their existing tools?
  • Does your CRM system have a mobile app version to update records and have access to dashboards while you are on the go?

Some stats from well-known reports come as additional evidence:

?By making both routes easier for salespeople, CRM systems can increase lead conversion rates by 300% while boosting purchase value by 40% (Forrester)

?80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences (Accenture)

?Companies that integrate their databases experience an increase in conversion rates by 12.5% (PRWEB)

?Sales reps saw their productivity increase by 26% when adding social networking and mobile (Nucleus Research). Moreover, 24% more sales reps achieve annual sales quota with mobile access to their CRM. (Aberdeen Group)

?‍?Workflow, legacy tech, and a lack of digital skills hampering marketing and customer experience. (2021 Digital Trends, Econsultancy & Adobe)

A proper CRM system goes beyond simple contact management systems by bringing all the interactions with the customer in one single view or the so-called 360-degree customer view!

For all of us at Repath, the answer is simple and called Zoho One, the operating system to run your entire business. With over 40 applications, Zoho One brings all the information under one CRM record to streamline every single process of your company.

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March 28, 2024

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