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Tier Upgrade to Zoho Premium Partner Marks Significant Momentum

Following hyper business growth during its first year, Repath is proud to announce its status upgrade to Zoho Premium Partner. A new corporate video has also been launched to further communicate this incredible milestone. 

Repath, a digital transformation company that offers tailor-made solutions inspired by innovation, passion and client value creation announces that it has been named Premium Zoho Partner for its remarkable capacity to deliver large-scale Zoho projects. 

The pandemic forced businesses around the globe to ramp up their efforts and accelerate their digital transformation journey on a never-before-seen scale. This presented a unique opportunity for Repath to record an impressive growth in terms of both projects and revenue and reach a new momentous milestone: the status of Premium Zoho Partner. 

This status update is a significant recognition of Repath’s mission to empower organisations around the globe to leverage the endless possibilities of digital transformation and achieve more through the latest technologies. It also reflects the company’s commitment to deliver first-class customer experiences and reassure sustainable growth for its clients.

Since its foundation, one and a half years ago, Repath has achieved the highest level of Zoho Partners and has entered into the list of Top Zoho Partners across the globe, implementing more than 100 projects in more than 10 countries. 

Recently, the company undertook one of the largest digital transformation projects in Europe using Zoho technologies, for AqualisBraemar LOC Group, the leading shipping and energy consulting firm based in London. As part of the project, Repath will design a series of automations and will implement innovative solutions tailored to the specific needs of the company.

To further communicate this momentous milestone, Repath announced the launch of a new corporate video. Watch it now and discover the key areas of Repath’s expertise, take a virtual tour to the company’s offices and meet the team behind this success story.


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