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Repath Achieves Zoho Advanced Partner Status

Repath: Zoho Advanced Partner

Greek startup Repath recently achieved the Zoho Advanced Partner status.

Repath is the only Zoho Partner in South Eastern Europe to achieve this recognition from the very first year of its operation.

Repath was founded as a direct result of the pandemic, aiming to help organizations during their digital transformation journey. This first year, we implemented demanding projects for small, medium and large organizations in Greece, Cyprus, Latvia, Sweden, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

“We are pleased to promote Repath to an ‘Advanced Partner’, recognizing the contribution they make to our business in Greece. Like businesses around the world, digital transformation and cloud adoption are rapidly accelerating in Greece. Experienced technology and service partners form a vital part of our go-to-market strategy to ensure that customers can adopt Zoho solutions successfully and derive tremendous value out of them” Sridhar Iyengar, Managing Director, UK & Europe, Zoho Corporation mentioned.

This recognition makes us the top notch choice for every business which is ready to embrace digital transformation. Our experienced team can provide customized and innovative technologies to ensure the successful transition to the new digital reality of even the most complex organizations.

“During these unprecedented times, the business world came across with unexpected challenges. Repath, with the power of Zoho, designed, created and successfully implemented really demanding projects. This achievement as Zoho Advanced Partner is a moral reward for our intensive efforts, and gives us the motivation to evolve and become better. We will help every business in need that wants to stand out and welcome the new digital era, by overcoming challenges”  stated Manolis Lampovas, CEO of Repath.

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