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Zoho Workdrive

Online file management for collaborative teams

‌Keep your files secure in a shared and centralized workspace that offers integrations with gmail, Microsoft Office and more.

Introducing a new way for teams to work together

  • Enable your team to collaborate effectively by providing them with a shared platform for storing, arranging, and overseeing files.
  • Effectively manage your team by gaining deeper insights through customizable reports, which include data on file access, audit trails, and additional metrics.
  • You can have confidence in the security of Zoho WorkDrive, as it adheres to industry-specific compliance standards like SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001, guaranteeing the continuous protection of your data.

Shape your ideas in real time with your team using Zoho Office Suite

  • Writer – Capture and collaborate on ideas in a clear and uncluttered writing environment. Gather input from your team and publish your content within your organization, or seamlessly share it online through our WordPress integration.
  • Sheet – Using built-in formulas and functions, you can easily deconstruct complex data to gain important insights. Streamline activities with macro automation and add impact to your work by using bright graphs and charts.
  • Show – Craft compelling presentations in collaboration with your team. Save valuable time by utilizing professional templates, and elevate your slides with add-ons that provide high-quality media content, ensuring your presentations leave a lasting impression.

Always Available

  • Accessible at all times, our file management and collaboration solution is designed to accommodate teams of any size and from any industry.
  • Create offline backups of your team’s files.
  • Install Zoho WorkDrive on your smartphone and tablet for mobile access.

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