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Zoho Projects

Project management platform built for increased productivity, improved collaboration and dynamic teams.

‌Collaborate better with your blients by broviding them a dedicated platform to Monitor and Manage their transactions with your business online.

Gain a comprehensive view with Gantt charts

Leverage Gantt charts to construct your project blueprint and monitor task timelines. Zoho Projects ensures you stay well-informed about crucial tasks and their interdependencies, promptly highlighting any deviations from your planned schedule versus actual progress.

Track every minute with timesheets

Effortlessly record billable and non-billable hours using the Projects timesheet module. Capture every moment of your dedicated effort, whether through manual entries or timers, and benefit from our seamless integration with Zoho Invoice, which automates invoice generation based on your timesheet data.

Streamline tasks for time savings

Efficiently manage routine tasks and reclaim valuable time. Our online project management software, equipped with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, simplifies the visualization and implementation of new automations, regardless of whether you have a straightforward process or a complex workflow.

Seamless integration with your preferred applications

With Zoho Projects, you gain the advantage of effortless integration with a variety of Zoho apps and third-party applications, enhancing your flexibility and functionality.

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