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Zoho People

Revolutionising Human Resources Management

Create exceptional employee experiences with Zoho People, the ultimate HR software.

HR fundamentals redefined

Move away from outdated spreadsheets and rigid systems in handling human resources responsibilities. Zoho People introduces a smarter, more efficient approach with features aimed at freeing you from administrative hassles:
  • Scalable employee database for growing HR needs.
  • Efficient management of employee cases.
  • Intelligent HR workflows for streamlined operations.
  • Easy access to insightful analytics.

Enhance attendance and time management

Revolutionize how you manage time and attendance with Zoho People’s advanced system. This tool not only boosts employee productivity but also ensures accurate tracking of work hours and produces error-free reports, all while simplifying:
  • Monitoring attendance with ease.
  • Efficient shift scheduling.
  • Hassle-free day-off tracking.
  • Converting time data into comprehensive timesheets.

Peak performance management

Unleash the full potential of your workforce with Zoho People. Gain critical insights into team dynamics, individual skills, and potential growth areas, thereby improving overall organizational effectiveness:
  • Flexible goal setting and Key Result Area (KRA) mapping.
  • Continuous review and performance assessment processes.
  • Incorporating 360-degree feedback for a holistic view.
  • Utilizing analytics to identify performance gaps and improvement opportunities.

Reimagine learning and development

Zoho People presents an advanced yet user-friendly platform for managing and delivering exceptional learning experiences. Cater to the diverse learning needs of your teams with:
  • A blend of traditional and virtual classroom learning.
  • Centralized control for streamlined course management.
  • Effective assessment of learning progress through quizzes and evaluations.

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