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Zoho Expense

Travel and expense management for growing businesses

‌Keep track of your expenses and Create Custom Reports easily that will allow you to have total control, over your expenditures.


Our user-friendly self-booking tool empowers employees to easily reserve flights, hotels, cabs, and train tickets while staying in line with company policies, all at their fingertips.


Empower employees to swiftly add receipts, convert them into expenses, and effortlessly track mileage with a faster and simpler approach
  • Receipt Management
  • Expense Management
  • Mileage Tracking


Efficiently oversee card expenses all from one central location
  • Corporate Card Reconciliation
  • Direct Feed Integration

Purchase Request

Procurement teams can enhance budgetary compliance and exercise greater control over purchases by utilizing comprehensive request and approval processes, thereby maximizing pre-approved spending.


Handle reimbursements and payments accurately and efficiently
  • Carry forward excess reimbursements
  • Sync data with ERP or payroll solutions
  • Employees updated
  • Get 5 analytic reports


Access over 25 analytical reports covering expense reports, card usage, travel expenses, spending patterns, and reimbursements. Stay informed and in control at all times.

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