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Customer Portal

Create secure online self-service portals easily using Zoho Creator.

‌Collaborate better with your clients by providing them a dedicated platform to Monitor and Manage their transactions with your business online.

A single location for all your needs

A responsive self-service portal guarantees that your customers can conveniently access all the information they require in a single location. The more dependable and customer-centric your portal is in addressing their needs, the less likely they’ll need to seek assistance elsewhere when they encounter issues.

From business websites to PWAs

Portals are easily accessible as Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and can also be installed as native mobile apps with a simple click. These portal applications are not only responsive and engaging, similar to mobile apps, but they are also discoverable like web pages. They are compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring a seamless user experience across various platforms.

Empower customers to assist themselves

CX extends beyond simply resolving immediate issues. It involves equipping customers with the resources necessary to address their own concerns in the future. This can be achieved through features such as FAQs, knowledge bases, and online discussion forums, all of which self-service portals excel at providing. Customers can conveniently access, edit, and manage data via web or mobile devices, along with easy access to relevant help documents, promoting self-sufficiency and an enhanced CX.

Customize your help desk portal to reflect your brand identity

Branded support and self-help portals instill confidence in customers by confirming they’ve arrived at the correct destination. Moreover, portals serve as a powerful platform for businesses to showcase their branded applications, complete with personalized logos, visual elements, and a customized appearance, ensuring a consistent and distinctive look and feel that reinforces their brand identity.

Precise and detailed access control

Self-service website portals serve as the digital gateway to your offerings, allowing consumers to access products and services conveniently. Through the implementation of authentication protocols and advanced access controls, you can manage accessibility and safeguard data effectively. Permissions within the portal can be configured based on a user’s specific role and responsibilities, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected and only accessible to authorized individuals.

Customers who are kept current and informed

Portals offer extensive configurability and user-friendliness, allowing for easy customization with data tailored to meet the unique needs of each user. This means customers can receive exclusive access to vital information such as product release notes, updates on new features, version changelogs, and other important product-related details, enhancing their overall experience and ensuring they have access to the information they need.

Foster the creation of a community

Reduce support tickets by using self-service resources like forums, social media feeds, live chat, Q&A, and guides on your portal. Peer support eases the load on your staff and helps stakeholders get quick answers.

Enhance customer acquisition efforts

Self-service portals enhance your customers’ perception of your company by providing a consistent knowledge base and streamlined problem-solving. To gauge customer satisfaction, implement quick surveys on the portal, encouraging them to review your company, refer friends, or explore additional services they might find appealing.

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