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What is OmniConnect for Zoho CRM?

OmniConnect for Zoho CRM" - a powerful integration solution designed to seamlessly connect your Zoho CRM with Mitto's omnichannel messaging capabilities. This user-friendly product allows for effortless synchronization of SMS, WhatsApp, and Viber communications directly within your Zoho CRM interface, enabling personalized customer interactions and streamlined communication workflows. With OmniConnect, businesses can leverage the strength of Mitto's messaging platform to enhance customer engagement, improve response times, and boost overall satisfaction, all without leaving the Zoho environment. Ideal for companies looking to elevate their CRM experience with advanced messaging features.


OmniConnect for Zoho CRM empowers businesses to elevate their CRM experience by integrating advanced messaging capabilities, ultimately leading to improved customer relationships and business outcomes. (OmniConnect for Zoho CRM integrates Mitto's SMS, WhatsApp, and Viber with Zoho for personalized messaging, enhancing customer engagement and CRM experience.)


Seamless Integration

OmniConnect seamlessly integrates Mitto’s omnichannel messaging capabilities directly into the Zoho CRM interface, eliminating the need to switch between multiple platforms for communication.


Effortless Synchronization

With OmniConnect, SMS, WhatsApp, and Viber communications are effortlessly synchronized within Zoho CRM, ensuring that all interactions with customers are centralized and easily accessible.


Personalized Customer Interactions

By using OmniConnect, businesses can personalize customer interactions with targeted messaging across multiple channels, fostering stronger relationships and increasing engagement.


Streamlined Communication Workflows

OmniConnect streamlines communication workflows by allowing users to send and receive messages directly within Zoho CRM, reducing manual tasks and improving efficiency.


Improved Response Times

With OmniConnect, businesses can respond to customer inquiries and requests more promptly, thanks to the integration of messaging capabilities directly within the CRM environment.


Boosted Overall Satisfaction

By providing a seamless and efficient communication experience within Zoho CRM, OmniConnect helps businesses deliver exceptional customer service, ultimately leading to improved overall satisfaction.

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