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Advanced Help Desk Platform
User friendly customer support solution for growing businesses and enterprises.

The best customer experience starts with excellent customer service

Customer service is a must have, if you want your brand to be better and loved by people. You don’t need to have many employees just the right software to run things outside your business hours.

The power of Help Desk 

Create tickets and assign them to the right person. Automatically associate ticket with customer.

Give your employees the right tool to ease their work day. No more lack of information or time waste.

Handle system warnings and errors with a ticketing system.

Support your contacts through every source

Let your customers create tickets to your system anytime and everywhere.

Get real time notifications when customers need help.

Measure the productiveness of your support team and check your processes’ efficiency.

Stay on top of analytical and professional reports


Daily, weekly, monthly reports about ticket statuses, time spending, client reviews and so much more.


Email marketing that’s personalized and personal


Use beautiful email templates to create customized notification /response emails that serve different purposes.

For example, you can create a template that informs customers that their ticket has been received.

Are you ready to provide Top Notch Customer Service?

Repath’s solutions enable businesses to create more meaningful, personal and productive relationships with customers.

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