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World-Link Communications

World-Link Communications adopts a comprehensive solution to enhance its sales, support, and inventory processes.

World-Link Communications, an esteemed provider of maritime satellite communications, has been a pioneer in delivering innovative solutions for over three decades. With their unmatched service reliability, they cater to over 1800 vessels across the globe.


World-Link Communications grappled with various challenges and therefore coordination among their 40+ employees became strenuous. Differentiating product pricing based on variables like payment method and lease duration made their operations complex. More precisely the needed to:

Bridge the gap between Sales and Support teams.
Eradicate the reliance on Excel spreadsheets for data processing.
Institute a real-time inventory management system.
Efficiently manage numerous daily tickets.

Repath streamlined World-Link Communications' processes with:

Customisation of Zoho CRM tailored to their unique business requirements.

Integration of Zoho CRM with Zoho Desk for seamless communication between sales and support.

Deployment of Round Robin on Zoho Desk for efficient ticket assignment.

Comprehensive performance reports through Zoho Desk.

Introduction of Service Level Agreements for prioritised client service.

Virtual training sessions for the teams in the US and Cyprus on Zoho’s functionalities.

This combination of Zoho applications and tools, coupled with training sessions, empowered World-Link Communications to transform its operations, fostering enhanced inter-departmental communication and efficiency. In more detail, World-Link Communications experienced:
  • Enhanced inter-departmental communication.
  • Elevated employee productivity.
  • Boosted customer satisfaction.
  • Optimized and transparent processes.
  • Comprehensive inventory control.
  • Significant time and resource savings.
World-Link Communications ushered in a new era of efficiency across sales, support, logistics, and accounting departments. Repath’s tailored solutions ensured centralised and transparent access to crucial information, simplifying numerous daily tasks and promoting proactivity within the workforce.
  • Communication Barriers: World-Link faced challenges in bridging the communication gap between their Sales and Support teams, which affected seamless operations.
  • Inefficient Data Handling: Heavy reliance on excel spreadsheets for managing various informational aspects made processes cumbersome.
  • Lack of Real-Time Inventory: The company struggled with outdated stock data, hindering effective inventory management and leading to potential operational slowdowns.
  • Inconsistent Pricing Structures: Given the different variables determining the final product price, there was a lack of a standardised and efficient system to manage pricing.
  • High Ticket Volume Management: The support team was overwhelmed with the sheer number of daily tickets, lacking an efficient system for distribution and prioritisation.
  • Enhanced Team Collaboration: With Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk integration, there’s now seamless communication between Sales and Support teams.
  • Centralised Data Management: The transition to Zoho’s suite of tools eliminated the need for scattered excel sheets, centralizing data and making it easily accessible.
  • Real-time Inventory Updates: A clear, up-to-date view of the stock ensures timely replenishment and better inventory decisions.
  • Automated Pricing Mechanisms: Using Zoho, pricing variables were standardised, providing consistency in determining final product costs.
  • Efficient Ticket Handling: With the Round Robin tool in Zoho Desk, ticket distribution became intelligent and efficient, ensuring timely responses and improved customer satisfaction.


| Marketing Director of World-Link Communications

“Repath made the transition from the previous systems to Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk a smooth journey. It demonstrated a high level of professionalism and helped us to further increase the efficiency of our processes.”

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