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Integrates Zoho Recruit across 9 websites and 2 business units, seamlessly connecting job seekers with recruiters, while saving €100,000 annually through advanced workflows and automations.

Founded in 2014, Workwide Group is a recruitment technology and services company that enables people to find jobs outside of their home countries.

The company is made up of 2 businesses: a recruitment services brand meant to connect the world’s biggest brands with multilingual talent, and a job board business, which allows young talent across Europe to search for jobs abroad. Guided by their vision to remove national borders from the talent equation, Workwide Group has already helped more than 8,000 multilingual candidates to find jobs in over 1,800 companies.


Lack of digital integration between Workwide Group’s 2 business units – specifically between candidates funnelled through our recruitment services brand’s websites and Workwide’s recruiters – was limiting the company’s potential to save valuable time and resources, and recruit smarter and faster.

Workwide Group was not making the most out of Zoho Recruit, Applicant Tracking System and recruitment software.

Absence of a digital transformation roadmap including automation of key processes such as communication with candidates, applicant tracking, and recruitment management.

Candidates weren’t being collated into a single and united recruitment platform.
Recruiters were exposed to repetitive and time-consuming tasks.
Monitoring of candidate stages was strenuous.
Lack of integration of 3rd party software with the recruitment platform for tasks such as scheduling interviews and reporting.

We have successfully implemented Zoho Recruit across Workwide's two business units and nine websites, streamlining data into a single system. This harmonised candidates, recruiters, and clients on one platform, enhancing efficiency and customisation.

Custom hiring pipeline with more than 20 candidate statuses that track each and every stage of the recruitment process for each candidate.

Bespoke solution for the collection of candidate data, and segmentation based on key data points.

Creation of a “lifecycle communication” model, with automated email and text message notifications, in addition to platform updates – throughout key milestones of the recruitment process.

Dedicated dashboards within Zoho Recruit or Zoho Analytics for recruiters and managers that enable performance tracking, and a 360 view of candidates.

Repath provided Workwide Group with a custom solution that catalysed the digital transformation of their business by streamlining their recruiting process, managing candidates and clients through a single platform: Zoho Recruit. What started as a project-based collaboration has become an ongoing partnership anchored in enabling Workwide group to recruit smarter, faster, and better. By interconnecting a total of 9 websites through Zoho Recruit and customising the recruitment CRM to meet Workwide Group’s specific needs, their hiring process has been impeccably streamlined, improving communication between clients and candidates, while allowing Workwide Group to measure and optimise its business performance in specific industries and countries. Tailored and hassle-free automations mean job seekers know exactly where they stand in each recruitment process, while less time dedicated to manual data entry means recruiters’ performance has increased significantly. Thanks to automation, training, and continuous support, Repath has enabled Workwide Group to scale up its business.
  • The lack of digital integration of 2 business units – targeting job seekers and recruiters – and 9 different websites was hindering the company’s performance.
  • Manual communication methods coupled with the use of decentralised 3rd party applications resulted in time consuming tasks, reduced operational efficiency, and higher risk of error.
  • Limited performance tracking limited possibilities to measure and improve recruiters’ performance.
  • The comprehensive and custom integration of Zoho Recruit across 2 business units – and 9 websites – resulting in a single, segmented, and expanded database of candidates.
  • All key stakeholders – Job seekers, recruiters, and clients – are managed under a common interface, ensuring all critical data is retained, boosting transparency, efficiency, and the possibility to measure and optimise processes.
  • Purpose-built automations – such as emails, notifications, and text messages – and the integration of 3rd party applications entail yearly savings of €100,000 thanks to advanced workflows in the recruitment lifecycle.
  • Zoho Analytics provides a full picture of each candidate for the recruiter, enabling Workwide Group to recruit smarter, faster and better.


| Co-CEO of Workwide Group

The reason we decided to work with Repath was that they showed a genuine enthusiasm to understand our business. The Repath team understood our priorities and what we do, at a deep level. Secondly, they’re very cost effective and efficient at what they do. So, this means they’re very transparent in their reporting and their communication, and we really have a great trusting working relationship. Today, we see Repath as an extension of our own team.

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