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Streamlining Client Engagement: TTM Group’s Integration of Zoho CRM and SalesIQ Across Two Companies to Master Client Lead Management

TTM Group is made of two organisations: TTM Associates and VCL Solutions. TTM Associates is a global consulting firm, seeking to Humanise the Digital Experience in the Talent journey and Learning in the new era! TTM offers tailored solutions in Culture Transformation, Talent Strategy, Behavioural Leadership development and Coaching seeking to transform mindsets and make a difference in the new era. As a global consulting firm, VCL Solutions helps organisations overcome the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic through Value Reinvention in the new low-touch digital economy. VCL offers tailored solutions in Reskilling and Upskilling, Digitisation and strategy execution. TTM Group traditionally develops long and strong relationships with its clients based on trust, through a long-term, sincere client engagement approach.


TTM Associates and VCL Solutions received client requests about their solutions on a daily basis. These requests resulted from various sources, like websites, digital ads, e-mails, etc. The TTM Group team needed a centralized system to manage the prospect client leads effectively. At the same time, valuable time was spent on searching and accessing necessary information on each client’s history from multiple sources. As a result, less time and resources were allocated to address crucial tasks of managing each client lead.

Vital information was fragmented throughout the organisation.
The lack of a centralised system resulted in spending valuable time by team members to access client information
Having two organisations in the TTM Group there was an urgent need to clearly define and manage each company’s leads, contacts and client pipelines.
Both companies were operating in silos preventing them from any cross-selling opportunities

Given the client’s challenges and needs, Repath conducted an in-depth strategy and business analysis that resulted in the design and implementation of a tailored solution for the TTM Group. The solution entailed:

A centralised operating system. Zoho CRM was the ideal solution for TTM Group to help the client’s team gather all the necessary information (customer’s contact details, online customer’s behavior, communication history etc.) under a unified platform with easy access. Since TTM Group consists of two organisations with different products and channels of communication (e.g. websites), Repath segmented the CRM to have a clear overview on which services each client lead was interested in.

Integration with Microsoft 365. Repath made access to the CRM easier with a single sign-in feature. All employees have quick access to the CRM through their email account (when they sign-in to their emails, they are automatically signed-in to Zoho CRM).

A pipeline management system. An effective client pipeline management system was developed to provide the opportunity to the TTM team to oversee and qualify every lead to a different stage of the pipeline based on its actions and behavior. Four stages were defined on the pipeline process:: a) qualified, b) decision making c) review negotiation and d) closed won/closed lost.

Integration of Zoho CRM with Zoho SalesIQ. Through the endless possibilities of SalesIQ, TTM Group team members have access to valuable information for each lead such as: webpage each lead visited , email messages opened, attractive content, etc .

Chatbot. Repath developed a tailor-made chatbot, integrated with the two websites. Through the chatbot the visitors of each website had the opportunity to communicate directly with the relevant company, after providing some initial information. The chatbot was integrated also with Zoho CRM to create a new entry every time the visitor decided to complete the form

Migration from Mailchimp to Zoho Campaigns. Zoho Campaigns was utlised to deliver email marketing campaigns to the two companies’ audiences. TTM Group was previously using Mailchimp. All relevant contacts and subscribers together with their information were migrated to Zoho Campaigns.

  • Improved internal communications among TTM Group employees 
  • Helped employees focus on crucial everyday tasks 
  • Boost employee’s productivity 
  • Enhance customer experience and satisfaction 
  • Saved valuable time and resources 
  • Provided consolidated customer view, entailing important information about the campaigns and the history of the client
  • Lead Management Challenges: TTM Associates and VCL Solutions faced daily client requests from various sources, leading to a lack of a centralized system to effectively manage prospect client leads.
  • Fragmented Information: Vital information about clients was scattered throughout the organization, making it challenging to access and utilize effectively.
  • Operational Silos: With two distinct organizations within the TTM Group, there was a pressing need to clearly define and manage each company’s leads, contacts, and client pipelines.
  • Manual Data Retrieval: Valuable time was spent on searching for client history from multiple sources, diverting resources away from critical lead management tasks.
  • Unified CRM Solution: Repath Solutions implemented a centralized operating system using Zoho CRM, providing TTM Group with a unified platform to gather essential customer information, online behavior, and communication history.
  • Effective Pipeline Management: A robust client pipeline management system was developed, allowing the TTM team to qualify and track leads through various stages, providing clarity and efficiency in lead progression.
  • Enhanced Lead Insights: Integration with Zoho SalesIQ empowered TTM Group team members with valuable lead insights, including webpage visits, opened email messages, and engaging content.
  • Operational Differentiation: The adoption of the Canvas View for CRM records differentiated client leads between the two companies within the TTM Group, allowing for tailored operations and marketing strategies.


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“We passionately seek to reinvent our value delivery through digital innovation. With Zoho One, we’ve found a solution to consolidate our customer view and adapt to their evolving needs.” –

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