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Pure Water

Repath Designs and Implements a Digital Transformation Solution for H&R Pure Water Ltd.

H&R Pure Water Ltd., a prime distributor of “WaterLogic” water dispensers, aimed to streamline its business operations, from billing automation to customer communications. The partnership with Repath birthed a powerful digital transformation, employing the capabilities of Zoho One.


H&R Pure Water Ltd. faced several operational challenges:

Manual monthly invoice management.
Absence of integrated online payment systems.
Difficulty in linking bank deposits with individual clients
Challenges in timely customer reminders for payment.
Lack of a unified platform to maintain client records and track technicians’ tasks.
Difficulty in reporting and addressing device issues.

Repath crafted a tailored solution using different Zoho applications, ensuring seamless integration and automations for Pure Water. More precisely:

Automated invoicing and subscription management via Zoho Books.

Technician report management using Zoho Survey.

Comprehensive customer data consolidation through Zoho CRM.

Bank transactions synchronised to invoices with Zapier.

Instant payment links within invoices using a renowned payment gateway.

Easy-access customer portal for document retrieval.

By leveraging Repath’s Zoho solutions, H&R Pure Water Ltd.:
  • Streamlined recurring invoicing and reminders.
  • Enhanced customer experience with prompt online payments.
  • Boosted efficiency by integrating bank transactions directly with client records.
  • Improved client relations via a central portal for past invoices and contracts.
  • Upgraded quality assurance by promptly addressing device malfunctions.
  • H&R Pure Water Ltd. encountered challenges with their recurring invoicing and reminders, which lacked streamlined processes.
  • Customer experiences were not optimised due to delays in online payment options.
  • The company struggled with integrating bank transactions and client records, reducing overall efficiency.
  • Client relations needed improvement, as there was no central portal for accessing past invoices and contracts.
  • The process of addressing device malfunctions was not efficient, affecting quality assurance.
  • Automated invoicing with Zoho Books.
  • Direct payment links in invoices.
  • Automated payment and invoice synchronisation via Zapier.
  • Centralised portal for document access.
  • Unified customer data with Zoho CRM.
  • Efficient reporting using Zoho Survey.


| Co-Founder & CEO

“Repath meticulously designed and executed a suite of Zoho solutions tailored to H&R Pure Water Ltd.’s needs. Automating monthly invoices, integrating real-time payment systems, streamlining customer interactions, and enhancing technician reporting have revolutionized their daily operations. It’s a testament to how strategic digital solutions, when correctly implemented, can drive operational efficiency and customer satisfaction to new heights.”

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