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My Greek Friend

A renowned Crete-based travel agency, “My Greek Friend,” transitioned to a digital CRM system with Repath’s help, significantly improving their lead management and operational efficiency.

“My Greek Friend” is a prominent travel agency stationed in Crete. Catering to international travelers from countries like the US, UK, and France, they offer tailored vacation packages for those looking to explore the beauty of Greece. Their business primarily relies on digital advertising, with potential clients pouring in from platforms like Facebook and Google Ads.


The journey of managing incoming leads was ridden with inefficiencies:

Time-Consumption: Teams lost precious hours filtering out non-responsive or non-interested leads.
Outdated Systems: Absence of a CRM meant relying on spreadsheets, making data management and client history retention a challenge.
Ineffective Lead Conversion: Many leads did not progress due to insufficient information, leading to missed opportunities.
Segmentation Issues: Without a CRM, segmenting and personalizing customer interactions was nearly impossible.

Integrating Zoho CRM Plus emerged as a groundbreaking solution:

Digital Transformation: Repath digitized the customer journey, refining processes from lead capture to sales conversion.

Zoho Survey Integration: Automated surveys post lead capture helped gauge genuine interest and gather detailed client preferences.

Lead Qualification: Efficient reminder systems and triggers ensured only genuinely interested leads were pursued.

Unified View: Integration with social platforms offered a 360° customer perspective, streamlining interactions and ensuring data consistency

  • With Repath’s interventions, “My Greek Friend” saw a transformative change in its operations. The lead handling process was optimised, saving about 20 minutes per lead.
  • The use of Zoho Survey meant a detailed, graphically-represented understanding of client preferences, allowing for tailored strategies.
  • Automated email triggers ensured timely sales rep notifications, streamlining lead conversion. The clear division of marketing and sales stages led to pinpointing bottlenecks and further optimisations.
  • Depended on manual spreadsheets for data.
  • Wasted time on unresponsive leads.
  • No clear lead conversion strategy.
  • Difficulties in customer segmentation.
  • Implemented a unified CRM system.
  • Efficient lead qualification process.
  • Automated lead-to-sale triggers.
  • Personalized marketing and sales strategies.


| Marketing Manager My Greek Friend

“We drastically reduced lead handling time with Zoho , achieving a seamless client journey. More precisely Zoho Survey and workflows have automated our process efficiently. This digital transformation, spearheaded by Repath, has changed our game. This isn’t just about technology; it’s about understanding our clients better.”

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