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Lion People Global

Implements Zoho One to streamline data and leads across two business line while saving €26,000+ in annual system costs

Headquartered in Ireland with a client base spread across the Americas and Western and Eastern Europe, Lion People Global (LPG) is a 360-degree global staffing and M&A company.

Backed by more than a decade of experience, LPG is specialised in connecting highly skilled talent with agencies and brands in the fields of localisation and globalisation, AI and big data, and digital and software development. Their dedicated M&A team offers strategic match-driven solutions focused on the language services market for potential buyers and sellers.


Despite their expertise in connecting highly skilled talent with agencies and brands in various fields, LPG faced a series of substantial challenges that were hampering their growth and efficiency. These challenges pertained to the disintegration of their CRM systems, low staff adoption rates, and manual data-intensive processes.

LPG was using separate and disjointed CRM systems for its two business lines
Standalone platforms hindered the creation of potential synergies and economies of scale between business activities
Low adoption rate of CRM systems among staff
Excessive amount of time allocated to manually performed tasks

Design and development of a unified and tailored CRM leveraging the Zoho One platform, streamlining data and accounts from two disjointed legacy systems

Customisation of Zoho applications such as CRM and Recruit to meet the individual needs of both the staffing and M&A business lines

Implementation of custom automations including match- making between potential buyers and sellers for the M&A business line

Migration and integration of legacy data, enabling cross- pollination opportunities between business divisions and a seamless customer experience

  • Repath provided a custom and flexible approach that enabled the simultaneous advancement on all project pillars of LPG’s digital transformation process – from customisation and automation to training – effectively avoiding any disruptions to the client’s day-to-day business activities.
  • Our training sessions, weekly Q&A sessions, and one-on-one support to the LPG’s team facilitated their effective use of the Zoho One Platform.
  • 10 years’ worth of legacy data was collated into the Zoho CRM, and the majority of the third party applications the client was using were substituted for a Zoho equivalent. The reconfiguration of a complex and fragmented system into a unified and straightforward process bolstered the overall performance of the LPG team.
  • Additionally, Repath’s bespoke solutions both accelerated and automated the identification of synergies between LPG’s recruitment and M&A business lines, augmented the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns, while contributing to boost overall customer satisfaction.
  • The use of two CRM system (Salesforce and Bullhorn) for LPG’s distinct business lines impeded data sharing and the creation of synergies
  • Annual subscription costs for both CRM systems of more than €33,000
  • Low adoption rate among staff and excessive manual data entry resulting in reduced operational efficiency and higher risk of error
  • Use of the Zoho One Platform across business lines, all customer records collected and purged into the Zoho CRM, and access to 40+ applications that sync and integrate with one another
  • Savings in annual subscription costs of more than €26,000
  • Custom-built Zoho applications and automations enable synergies and the identification of new business opportunities. High adoption rate among employees, freed up time from manual data entry, and reduced risk of data errors



What we have today is a bespoke solution delivered by Repath to Lion People Global to allow us to deliver our business in the best way possible. We decided to go with Repath Solutions because first of all, every single product that we were looking to use, they had experience in customizing and in doing data migration in the past. The second part was just the feeling of ease that we got from speaking with everybody that we met through Repath. You know, it’s never a case of “We can’t do this” but “let me think about it and we’ll figure out something”

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