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Career in Progress

Repath Designs and Implements a Digital Transformation Solution for Career In Progress

Career In Progress specializes in human resources management and recruitment. Their challenges spanned from lead management to streamlining the entire recruitment process


Career In Progress, a human resources management recruitment company in Greece, was seeking a technological solution that would enable the company to:

Manage leads, contacts, and partners effectively.
Efficiently handle candidates, match them to jobs, schedule online interviews, and validate skills with online tests.
Notify candidates promptly about new job opportunities.
Centralise all entity-related data for quick, unified access.

By harnessing the capabilities of Zoho One, a holistic business suite, we were able to address Career In Progress's multifaceted challenges. This integrated solution encompassed lead management, accounting, finance, marketing, customer support, operations

Profit: By applying marketing automations, the operational capacity of the company increased significantly. They now focus only on candidates’ applications that are valuable for their business eliminating the time for the implementation.

Efficiency: As every customer interaction is stored into the CRM record, the employees of Career in Progress have now a holistic view of each customer by opening their CRM record.

Process Management: As every process is stored and recorded, the company can redefine processes to further maximise their efficiency.

Employee Satisfaction: Chasing the wrong leads, applications and candidates makes employees feel unproductive. Workflows and filters make the processes even more efficient and employees more creative and productive to maximise their daily output.

By leveraging Zoho One Career In Progress achieved:
  • Profit Uplift: Adopting marketing automation strategies elevated the operational efficiency, redirecting focus to valuable candidate applications.
  • Operational Efficiency: Storing every customer interaction within the CRM now offers a comprehensive view of each customer, streamlining data retrieval.
  • Enhanced Process Management: With all processes tracked, they can continually refine their strategies for better efficiency.
  • Boosted Employee Morale: Efficient workflows and precise filters cut down on chasing non-fruitful leads, increasing employee productivity and satisfaction.
  • Scattered data across multiple platforms.
  • Manual coordination for consultation bookings.
  • Inefficient candidate screening leading to extended processing times.
  • Lack of segmented communication for their vast database.
  • Unified CRM record, streamlining data management and retrieval.
  • Automated consultation booking, significantly reducing manual intervention.
  • Precise and automated pre-interview skill assessments.
  • Tailored communication strategies with segmented mailing lists.



“Partnering with Repath was transformative for Career In Progress. Their expertise with Zoho One turned our recruitment process from tedious to seamless, improving our efficiency and candidate engagement. It’s evident that Repath truly understands our needs, providing a solution that matches our business perfectly.”

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