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Global Employment Services solutions provider Acumen International embarks on a digital transformation journey leveraging Zoho One, boosting revenue and efficiency, simplifying processes with customised automations, and creating a 360° customer view

Headquartered in London, Acumen International provides talent management solutions to companies of all sizes across 190 countries. As a global employer of record (EOR) and professional employer organisation (PEO) services provider, Acumen International is changing the way businesses operate, enabling their international expansion goals.

With over 20 years of experience, the company acts as a legal employer for its clients, hiring global talent compliantly, risk free, and in only 72 hours. Their innovative Express Global Employment service supports companies that need to employ candidates immediately, before or without a registered company setup.


In their pursuit of a digital transformation journey, Acumen International faced a series of significant challenges that were impeding their growth and efficiency. These challenges were multifaceted, ranging from disjointed legacy systems to time-consuming manual processes tailored for 190 countries.

Acumen International was using multiple disjointed legacy systems across departments, resulting in a lack of connectivity and data-driven decision making.
Minimal synchronisation amongst teams and departments deterred the creation of potential commercial synergies (i.e. up-selling & cross-selling and economies of scale).
Excessive amount of time allocated to manually performed tasks and legacy processes tailored to the needs of each of the 190 countries restricted the creation of a 360° view of the customer journey.
Need to migrate, integrate, and purge 22 years’ worth of data and customer records from multiple legacy systems.

Design and development of a unified and tailored CRM system, leveraging the Zoho One platform, streamlining data, processes, and accounts across markets, while providing a single company-wide view of all contact and business information.

Migration and integration of data from different legacy systems to better track leads and improve reporting.

Simplification of key operating procedures through the automation of complex processes including:

A customised sales pipelines functionality along with website integration, enabling proper reporting and analysis of the sales funnel, in addition to the assignment of leads, pipeline qualification, and targeted marketing campaigns.

Development of a fully bespoke application to automate the breakdown of client invoices, considering the unique nature of each of the markets where Acumen’s clients operate.

Customisation of Zoho applications such as CRM, Sales IQ, Social, and Subscriptions to meet the individual needs of sales and marketing teams.

  • Repath Solutions understood Acumen International’s business needs and developed a custom digital transformation blueprint for the company leveraging the Zoho One platform and its complete suite of 40+ applications.
  • 20+ years’ worth of legacy data was collated into the Zoho CRM, 3rd party applications were substituted for a Zoho equivalent, and bespoke automations were developed to accelerate processes and provide a 360° view of the customer journey.
  • The reconfiguration of complex and fragmented systems into a single and unified system fostered the creation of synergies between different departments, generating cross-selling and upselling opportunities, while significantly improving the customer journey.
  • Thanks to Acumen’s digital transformation, they are now able to provide their clients with a novel consulting service focused on the development of international employment goals.
  • To guarantee that Acumen’s employees were fully immersed in the new CRM, Repath provided ongoing training, manuals, and user documents.
  • And as employees are adopting the new system, Acumen and Repath continue to work together to incorporate new processes to fast-track the expansion of Acumen’s global footprint.
  • The lack of a centralised CRM impeded data sharing, analytics, data-driven decision making, and having a global view of the overall business.
  • The absence of digitally integrated business development tools for lead tracking, pipeline qualification, and digital marketing hindered the creation of synergies between the marketing and sales business units, reducing leads and sales opportunities.
  • Obsolete operating procedures across business divisions and markets resulted in reduced employee efficiency and productivity, and a higher risk of error.
  • Use of the Zoho One Platform across all markets (190+) where the company’s clients are present, all customer records collected and purged into the Zoho CRM, and access to 40+ Apps that sync and integrate with one another.
  • Provision of a macro view of the company’s activities including contact and business information, sales pipelines, analytics, and a single view of each customer’s journey
  • The centralization and digitalization of company data boosted synergies between the marketing and sales teams, resulting in a significant increase in cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.
  • Custom-built Zoho applications and automations boosted operational efficiency, freed up time from manual data entry, and reduced risk of data errors


| Managing Director of Acumen Global

“I see Repath Solutions as a strategic partner and an extension of our technical and digital transformation department, which is critical for our business. They are our number one strategic partner from whom we seek recommendations and advice. We rely on them fully and completely to help us implement the automations and integrations that are key to our transformation as the business moves forward.”

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